New Ebook: In Love With Jesus

Sadly, many today see God as some oracle that can only be consulted by some "prophets". Many see God as an unapproachable Being. Some even see Him as some kind of powerful force that came and exploded in a big bang which caused the universe to form. Still many, even in the church, do not think that they can have a real and living love-walk with God. They don't think they can hear God speak, they leave that to their pastors.

The God who created all that exists desires to be in a face-to-face relationship with you. It is the reason He created us, to have intimate fellowship with us. And He sent Jesus to come and make a way for us to commune with Him.  

This new book by Michael Isebiama David is sure to ignite a burning flame in your heart for Jesus. Michael carefully guides you through the essentials for experiencing a fiery love-walk with the Lord. The 40-Day Challenge has been compiled to lead you into a deeper place of intimacy with God. So whether you're just starting your love-walk in Christ, or have been there for decades, or whether you have not started at all, this book is for you.

Get ready to experience a personal revival!

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“After reading IN LOVE WITH JESUS, I made up my mind I would add it to any other devotional I could be using as its contents are different from all devotionals I have come across.”

Pastor Olusola Balogun Pastor-in-Charge, Lagos Province 34, The Redeemed Christian Church of God.